Learn how to improve photos with your smartphone

With Gcam you get HDR+, Portrait Mode, Night Mode, Astrophotography Mode and much more in photos taken on your smartphone.

Saiba como instalar a Gcam





What is Gcam?

Google Camera is the same application that comes with Google Pixel (Google's smartphone), and those who have used one of these devices or have been following the samples taken with them know the quality it offers. Now any One can simply download this app on another compatible smartphone, thanks to a Ukrainian developer who started the project and gave us access to the APK.

Why are there multiple developers?

In order to improve photo quality, unlock new features, fix bugs on their phones, support new ones, etc., developers have to share their instruments. Users can then test and provide feedback. Some of these versions work, some do not. Some are better than others, which is why it's important to be part of a community where everyone shares their comments.



What does Gcam bring to your smartphone?


Designed to produce clearer photographs, providing a better balance between light and dark areas of the image

More details

The benefits are associated with the collection of more light, reduced noise and improved dynamic range, avoiding motion blur

Modo retrato

Effect in which the background is blurred and the foreground is highlighted, looking like the image was taken with a professional camera

Download Gcam Brasil Clube

Gcam Brasil Official Application: There are several exclusive tips and presets, XMLs, notifications of news from the world of Gcam and much more!