Configuring Gcam 6.1


Interface Gcam

Above we have the main application interface, commonly known as viewfinder. We will explain according to the numbering of each item.

  1. Self-timer: Selects the time for auto photo shooting
  2. HDR Control: Selects HDR Off, HDR + Auto (ZSL), and HDR + Enhanced
  3. Temperature Control: Manually selects white balance control
  4. Flash: Enable, Disable, or Auto.
  5. Camera Modes
  6. Manual Focus Slider

Obs: Note: HDR marked Off is useless as it does not apply post processing from Google. Which brings no advantage.


Configurações Gcam

HDR+ Parameters

Here we can set the number of frames we want in the photos. The higher the number of frames, the longer it takes to take and process the photo. The advantage of using such high values as 20 to 30 frames is that it greatly reduces photo noise.

Auto Exposure Correction

It consists of controlling the shutter speed, in other words the speed at which the photo will be taken. But it does not work like a conventional manual mode. Ex: If I choose the speed of 1/20 if I have enough light in the picture to use speeds faster than 1/50. It will use the shutter at 1/50. If I have no light it will lock the shutter at the value I chose. in case 1/20.

If you don't know how to control it, just leave it on AUTO / OFF

Correction NightSight

It consists of controlling the shutter manually in Night Sight Mode. It works exactly the same as I explained in the previous item.

Exposure Compensation

It basically consists of determining the light compensation. this is. You know that circle when we click to focus and we can raise or lower the bar to make the picture lighter or darker. this is exactly what this function determines.

HDR+ Enhanced White Balance - AWB

This tool allows us to define how the white balance will be calculated. There are some alternatives for this function today. I particularly consider the alternatives as personal taste.


Avançado Gcam 6.1


It consists of determining which processing base and model you want to use in your configuration.

Base Gcam 6.1


There are several processing modes and this is where you will determine which one to use.

We recommend


Determines the model of device you want it to clone in processing. It is a personal choice. Each one analyzes what pleases him most. There are some minor differences. insignificant in my view.


It consists of controlling saturation

With this tool you determine the saturation level of both front and rear camera. The higher the value, the more saturated.

Noise Reduction

In this tool you control noise reduction. These are minimal changes. but directly interfere with the texture and sharpness of photos. There is no manual for this. If you do not know the subject. just leave the default value. In my Profiles (Official GB) all noise reduction values are changed. to get a better result.


In this menu you will fix most incompatibility issues.

Fix Gcam 6.1

Let's detail just the most important

RAW Format: Here you define which type of RAW the camera will use, this directly interferes with Gcam operation, by default the devices use RAW10. Except Samsung devices that use on RAW Sensor.

Viewfinder Format: Another item that defines the operation of Gcam. Here it is sorted by API level. You can check the API level through our app. GcamBrasil Clube in the side menu Check API2.

Display Color P3: It consists of color capture, this mode was already used in iPhones and was included in Gcam below an example of the color capture amplitude of this format. sRGB and the conventional format. In short you can capture more colors. Of course the display needs to be compatible to notice the differences.

Display Color P3

Continued Advanced Mode

Libs Gcam 6.1


They are responsible for post processing of the image, some versions may contain several Libs. there is a comparison in our app's VipClube session

Image Processing Settings

Lib Fine Tuning, where you determine the level of sharpness and reduction of noise and artifacts in the image.

Remove ISO Limit in the Dark

Disabling the ISO limit may use higher values for sensor light sensitivity. may cause noise

Pixel 3 Color Transforming

Pixel 3 color rendering using AWB

Photo and Video Setup

Fotos e Videos Gcam 6.1

Setting the resolution of photos in their formats I recommend using 4: 3 which is the default and uses full sensor without crop.

Enabling Manual Focus - Enable Manual Focus

This is the side slider I showed in the first print. Not all versions of Gcam have this functionality. This is to control how far you want the focus to focus. Great for portraits and macro photography. Note: In HDR + Enhanced, after choosing the focus distance you need to touch the screen. for it to work. in HDR + Auto this is not necessary.

Advanced Photo


Night vision


Final considerations

These are the main configuration functions of Gcam. Knowing these concepts. You know how to configure any version. 6.1 and also 6.2.